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Member Name: Joe
Home: Lynden
Mustang Story:  I had friends back in high school that had Camaros and Mustangs. I always wanted one but life had other priorities so I had trucks. In 2007 I rented a Mustang with the wife in San Diego and drove it for a week. A year later, when contemplating replacement of the car we purchased when we got married, the only car I had ever owned, we looked at Mustangs on a whim and drove a Saleen Parneli Jones Limited Edition the dealer had snagged from somewhere. We were hooked. When we came back a day later it was gone. We looked at other makes and models, but we kept coming back to Mustangs. A search ensued, and I found a never licensed PJ in California in the hands of a collector. We flew down and drove it home. A year later, on our anniversary, we finally traded in that old car towards the purchase of a 2008 Roush Speedster. We have no regrets. The Stangs have helped us make new friends, have fun, and provided us with a hobby to enjoy on in to retirement.



Year/Model: 2007 Saleen Parneli Jones Edition, #71 (of 500)
Color: Grabber Orange
Modifications: No modifications planned. Why mess with perfection! Dyno Says: 337 hp at the wheels, 339 lbs Torque
 Year/Model: 2008 Roush Speedster #18 (of 100) Supercharged, factory says 435 hp
Color: Performance White
Modifications: Roush Strut Tower Brace, Moss Muscle Chasing LED Taillights