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Run to Roslyn

Joe, Bill and James drove through Snoqualmie Pass for the Run to Roslyn show. Here are some pics of their ponies and some notable cars they saw at the show.

Joes', Bill's, and James' Mustangs Our cars running in the pass Downtown Roslyn, WA
Heading to the showfield We started our own row for ponies ICMC Mustangs from the left
... and the right We were joined by other ponies Joe's Saleen PJ
Bill's 98 COBRA James' 05 GT 2003 Supercharged Mach 1
This 93 5.0 Coupe had... ... a modern Coyote 5.0 Great graphics on this GT
GT in performance White Shelby GT 67 Coupe
66 Coupe 65 Convertible Sportsroof
Shelby GT 350 Factory Five COBRA replica 68 Torino GT
Winner Winner Joe's PJ was a winner