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North Olympic Mustang Club Aero-Museum Cruise

On May 4th North Olympic Mustang Club hosted a cruise from Sequim to the Aero-Museum in Port Townesend

Entering Sequim our cruise' start James' GT was the first to arrive This 65 came next
This 87 GT Conv. came next... ... and then...  
  A first gen Bullitt GT500s are always a joy to see
A rare 390 Cougar XR7 convertible A look at some of the cruisers We finally hit the road
A glance behind There's a Trooper up ahead...       Waiting for the ticket to be written 
    Winding country roads await...
  He was told, "If you bring that here again
for repairs, I'll bury it in your front yard..."
Well, he took it back...
They didn't speak for 10 years.
Cruise participants Back on the road HJ Carroll Park for lunch
  Lunch... Jefferson County airport, our next stop
The Aero-Museum These planes restored by
troubled teens
  This glider designed by  Hawley Bowlus.
He designed the Spirit of St. Luis
Another look at the glider 
  This kit is powered by
a Model T engine
WWII trainer Inspired by the P51 Mustang 
  Antique racer 
This was a pleasing sight  Heading back to Sequim Passing Smitty's Fat Burger 
This is a curiosity   Sequim