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18th Annual Horsepower at the Harbor

Ernie's 66 Coupe Rae's 07 GT Pedro's GT500
Rob's Racecraft Saleen Kevin's 45th Anniversary GT Bill's 98 COBRA convertible
Roland's GT  Joe's PJ Saleen  Phil's GT 
James' 05 GT  James' 66 Coupe  Originally sold for $2978.80 
  1st place 05-09 Convertible  Comet Caliente 
A winning  11 Check out the license  Rousch 
COBRA  Grabber Blue 5.0  Remove before flight 
67 Restomod  Winner   
SN 95  Bought for $18,000 as it is here  1968 California Special 
Great old school Hot Rod here  Our "Fixer Upper" winner  This pony was flawless 
79 Pace Car  One of the Wicked Stangs ponys  A great Fox body 
    Those wheels fit this pony perfectly 
  Mike's 56 Chevy  Harry's SVT powered 56 Chevy 
HHR  SS Nova  Great to see a pony this nice 
More Wicked Stangs ponies     
This one has a Transformers vibe     
69 Mach 1    Great  airbrushing here 
  Great splashes of red   Note the detail underhood 
  COBRA  A beautiful fastback 
Boss 302  GT500  Look under the hood of this GT500 
Best of Show winner  1st gen Bullitt  SN 95 COBRA 
2011 Best of Show    GT350H 
Saleen  GTO   
  ICMC Mustangs