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Artist Point Cruise

A few ICMC members met at the old McDonalds in Burlington and then took a long scenic drive to Artist Point. After a great photo opportunity, we hit another scenic stretch of road and headed to JoFish in Lynden for lunch.

Roland' 07 GT Bill's 98 COBRA Terry's 06 GT
Susan's 1300 mile COBRA Sammy's ROUSH Joe's 14' GT/CS California Special
Mark & Darla's GT Sig's Saleen On the road...
 Roadside view of Sister's Mountain ICMC ponies and crew Mosquito Lake Road bridge
Due to the interesting setting. ICMC
members, drove across the bridge
one at a time in order to get a great
picture of their Mustangs in a great
setting. A good idea, huh?
  Sammy's Roush Joe's California Special
Susan's COBRA Terry's GT Sig's Saleen
Mark & Darla's GT Bill's COBRA Roland's GT
 Parking area after bridge ICMC ponies and crew  
 ICMC at Artist Point with
Mt. Shucksan behind
ICMC at Artist Point with
Table Mountain in front
ICMC had a great lunch
at JoFish in Lynden.