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February Mountain Loop Highway Cruise

On February 28th old and new ICMC members cruised the Mountain Loop Highway. We had ten cars start off the cruise. We visited Arlington, paid our respects at Oso, cruised through Darrington, stopped in Rockport and had lunch in Concrete.

Roland & Phil's Mustang GTs Sig's Saleen New member's Black COBRA
Bill, Percy, and Mark's ponies Pony tails James' 05 GT
The start of our cruise Leaving Howard Miller Park Lunch at Annie's
Our ponies looking good Sammy's Roush leading this group Bill's COBRA
After a great lunch at Annie's, a few
of us headed back to Concrete for a
little more driving excitement. We
picked up Burpee Hill Road and
enjoyed all the twist, turns and
elevation changes between Concrete
and Lake Tybee.
Sig's Saleen ICMC members ordering lunch