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Island Classic Mustang Club 2014 Show

Pictures from our annual show

ICMC cars waiting whilst we set up Trophies Prize table
ICMC members hard at work Smokin Something The show field (click for nice view)
Bill's 98 COBRA Sammy's 351 powered SN95  James' 66 Coupe
Joe's Saleen PJ Keven's Anniversay edition  Rob's Racecraft Saleen
Rae's 07 GT Roland's SHO Nick's 67
James' 79 COBRA Harry's SVT powered Ford-olet  Harry and friend
John & Cathy's 66 convertible Cobra II PJ Saleen
Shelby GT 500 California Special Ray's 66 2+2 
Saleen S302 Mustang GT Robert's 79 Indy Pace Car
Ralph & Carrol's GT  Glass roof GT Shelby GT 500
2010 Shelby GT 500 GT in Blue MACH 1
Boss 302  Roush 427R A rockin' GT
Venmus COBRA 2008 Shelby GT 500 5.0 Convertible GT
2012 California Special Glass Roof GT  GT in blue
V6 Coupe 5.0 GT A rare 2000 COBRA R 
2014 Shelby GT 500 Original owner 66 Coupe Grey Roush
GT in red  92 GT GT convertible Fox body
Grabber Blue GT  GT in Red Blue GT
72 Ranchero MACH I Mustang II
69 GT  Shaker 20,000 Shelby clone
BOSS 302 in Grabber Blue Bullitt Charles' 911
Ray 2nd Place 64.5-66  John 1st Place 64.5-66 Larry 2nd Place 69-73
Tony 1st Place 69-73 James 1st Place 79-86 Barbara 1st Place 87-93
Hollio 2nd Place 99-04 Nick 1st Place 99-04 Terry 2nd Place 05-09
Rae 1st Place 05-09 Barrie 2nd Place 10-Present Bradley 1st Place 10-Present
Marshall 2nd Place Orange 302  Robert 1st Place 79 Pace car Terry 2nd Place 67 Shelby
Lynda 1st Place 14 Shelby Dave 2nd Place 07 Saleen Dave 1st Place 04 Roush
Charles 2nd Place 64-78 Mod. Cliff 1st Place 64-78 Mod. Sammy 2nd Place 79-04 Mod.
Pete 1st Place 79-04 Mod. Bern 2nd Place 05-14 Mod. Tom 1st Place 05-14 Mod
Roland 1st Place Ford Car Sonny 1st Place Ford Truck  Nick 1st Place Fixer Upper
Harry 1st Place GM/Mopar Bill Longest Distance Cliff Best Paint
John Best of Show Best of Show Best of Show